The big one

The 560 SL (1985 to 1989) was designed as a model for the American, Australian and Japanese markets and was never officially offered in Europe. In the 560SL Mercedes offered bullet-proof reliability, satisfying power, and aggressive good looks.

For the one’s who had “arrived”

The 560 SL US versions were always delivered fully equipped. There were only three extra cost options: heated front seats, electrically operated orthopedic backrest left side and electrically operated orthopedic backrest right side.

The 560SL combined all that Mercedes learned about the V-8 R107 chassis cars into a cultural icon that quietly and confidently told the world its occupants had “arrived”.

R for replacement

The 560 SL (US version) also has most body parts marked – think of the hood, doors, bumpers, hardtop, etc. – with the original VIN (vehicle identification number/chassis number). The official replacement parts that were used helped when any accident occurred with damage.

Afterwards replaced parts were marked with an “R” for “replacement”. History of a 560 SL could therefore be traced back easily, but only when original replacement parts were used.

560 SL fast facts

Year Production figures
1986 11,631
1987 13,394
1988 12,193
1989 8,251

Horsepower/Torque: 227hp/279 ft/lb
Weight: 3,700 lbs

The detachable hardtop, previously available as an optional extra to the soft top, became standard-fit equipment in March 1980 for the R107. After 18 years, production of the SL R 107 series came to an end in August 1989.

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