“Pagoda SL”, Types 230 SL – 280 SL (W 113), 1963 – 1971,  a legend during its lifetime

The Geneva Motor Show in March 1963 became the scene of a remarkable debut which was widely covered in the media: With the Type 230 SL Daimler-Benz presented a new sports car which was to replace two models of the former sales programme at once. The new model was faced with a major challenge – not only because its two predecessors, the 190 SL and the 300 SL, had been extremely popular from the start and the 300 SL had even become a legend during its lifetime.

Mercedes-Benz Typ 230 SL, 1967.

Mercedes-Benz Typ 250 SL

Mercedes-Benz Typ 250 SL mit Kofferset, 1966-1968., California-Ausführung (kein Softtop, dafür Rückbank)On 27. February 1967, the 250 SL, which was to replace the 230 SL after four years of production, was unveiled to the public. The newcomer, which was serially produced as early as December 1966, had the same exterior as its predecessor.

Mercedes-Benz Typ 250 SL, 1966-1968, California-Ausführung (kein Softtop, dafür Rückbank)

Beside the three 230 SL versions an optional fourth version was available for the 250 SL – a coupé with seats in the rear, which was presented for the first time in March 1967 at the Geneva Motor Show. The additional space, which had become necessary for the incorporation of the rear seats had become available after the roadster hood and hood box were removed. Because it was impossible to backfit the hood, this version was to be recommended only in areas with little rainfall or after closing the coupé hood.

Mercedes-Benz Typ 280 SL

Less than a year after its presentation, the 250 SL was replaced by a new model. When the new intermediate-class Types were introduced to the markets, not only the saloons, coupés and convertibles of the top class, but also the SL was fitted with a 2.8-liter engine.

Mercedes-Benz Typ 280 SL

In March 1971 production of the 280 SL ended.  A total of 48,912 cars were built of the three 113 series SL-models in eight years.

Mercedes-Benz Typ 280 SL der Baureihe W 113

The “Pagoda SL”

Due to the characteristic shape of the roof the sports car models 230 SL, 250 SL and 280 SL are now generally known as the “pagoda SL”.

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Ownership of the “Pagoda” in the year 2017 truly is a possession to be treasured.

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