The outstanding features of the R107 SL models

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R107 280SL

The Mercedes-Benz R107 280 SL, 350 SL and 450 SL – exclusive two seaters with a roadster hood or slightly dished coupé roof – are by no means run of the mill, everyday cars. Ample space for two, the solid construction, comfort and safety of a large salon and the performance of a sports car – these are the outstanding features of the R107 SL models.



Your ideas about sport cars will change!

The owner and driver of one of these R107 models will have to change his ideas about sport cars. In designing the SL models we put even more emphasis on driving comfort. Improved, redesigned running gear, high engine performance and superb interior appointments have made it possible to achieve a hitherto unprecedented degree of comfort.

A great visual impact

The SL models stylish, elegant body will obviously make a great visual impact. Though once at the wheel the driver will merely revel in the incomparable comfort and perfect mastery of power offered by these models.



A sportsman

These cars have been built for the driver who, through careful and considerate wants to take full advantage of every opportunity to make headway in traffic. These models enable him to do this like a sportsman, not at the expense of other road users.

SL team.

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